About Me

I started programming when I was 14 and desperately wanted to create something as life-changing as Final Fantasy VII. My tool to achieve this was a fantastic little program called the RPGToolkit which had it’s own little language called RPGCode. Well, the game never materialized, but the seeds of coding had been sewn.

Fast forward a few years, and I’d blown all my first year student loan on a new mountain bike and needed some money to tide me over the summer. I’d been mucking around with PHP and HTML for a while, and emailed around local companies asking for a summer job. The excellent folks at v4 Technical were mad generous enough to give me six weeks work. Foot in the door.

I finished my degree, doing a bit of casual web dev work on the side as I went and graduated with a 2:1 in Photographic and Digital Imaging Science.

After a job best forgotten at an estate agent services company, I ended up back at v4 Technical for an awesome two-ish years building everything from e-commerce sites to internal tools for AXA Insurance.

I eventually left to move to London, starting my career in the captial working for the world famous Wallpaper* magazine.

These days, I’m a Senior Web Dev at the BBC, working on the Radio and Music Product, specializing in writing world class PHP, exquisite Javascript and slightly iffy cucumber feature files.

  • fredlai

    Hi Alex!

    Thanks to Twitter, I was able to follow (stalk) you all the way from Taiwan. I’ll cut the story short: I’m actually working on the BBC iPlayer Radio and how it has changed our old ways of listening to radio. It will be lovely if you could drop me a mail at fredricklai@gmail.com and allow me to ask some questions about the iPlayer!

    Thank you so much!

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      yes. ok right

  • :)

    i am blackboard