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Duke Dumont ft. Jax Jones – I Got U

I hate this song.

Not for the reasons you might think. It’s an awesome, feel good track, upbeat, lovely vocals, unapologetically sunshiney and I will undoubtedly play it constantly whenever the sun appears for a brief glimpse this summer. So why do I hate it?

Well it’s mostly the way the video makes me feel. I’m a huge music video nerd, and this one is very good for a dance track. Yes you have the usual unfairly hot people in swimsuits dancing around in unbelievable locations. But this is somehow different thanks to the first person perspective. I finish watching this video, look around at my messy flat, the flat grey weather outside, and the washing up piling up in the kitchen, and feel, well, inadequate. That the video says; “hey look at all this amazing adventure out there, now look at your life, it’s crap”. I think I’d like the video more if at the end he looked sad that it was just a sim or something, but no, he knows he can go back whenever he likes. Smug bastard.

Maybe this says far more about my mental state than the video itself. But hey, it’s how it makes me feel.

So thank you Duke Dumont for making a catchy summer dance track with a great video. You’ve really put my life in perspective. Now just take my money and leave.